Biting the Apple

IMG_4182       I recently watched a show, originally meant for kids about the fairytale princesses. One scene there featured snow white about to bite the apple as she did in the original story but stopping to ask the audience whether she should bite it. The kids screamed NO!! with such conviction that made the place shake. It was amazing how the kids know exactly whats going to happen and they want to stop the bad from happening.I heard  a voice saying YES!! and then I realised it was my own voice, then I saw a little girl on one of the front rows turned to look at me with a scornful look, I shrunk into my seat.

I wanted to explain my side but what will a six year old understand with what I’m going to explain? She has years ahead of her to learn the reason why I think Snow white was meant to bite the apple and why that is exactly what she should do.Its for one simple reason ,if Snow White hadn’t bitten the apple she wouldn’t not been poisoned, she wouldn’t have not fallen into a coma or deep sleep or whatever you call it, she would’ve not required a prince to wake her up with a kiss. In short if she hadn’t bitten the apple,she would’ve never found the love that was meant for her and this would’ve not been a story we all love and retell over and over again.


When I was younger I didn’t see the story this way but I grow old and gather my own experiences, I realised, it may be true to human nature to want to stop the bad from happening like what those kids at the show wanted, but it is sometimes allowing ourselves to break that we find the wholeness that was meant for our being. It is in allowing ourselves to let go of the things that we thought are meant for us , that we find the things that are really made for us. It is in allowing ourselves to be defeated that we find our redemption and therefore make our own epic tale.


It doesn’t matter what it is, a coma, a broken heart, an illness,a wrong choice, a failed attempt, it is in being able to surrender to these “bad apples” that we find our waking moment:  a  brand new life, a new direction, a happy family, a career shift,true love, all the good things that complete our epic tale. If you ask me, my “deep sleep” has already taught me  the stuff  that make princesses become heroes, I haven’t found my redemption, but I haven’t look at apples the same way again.I have understood that every story has parts and everything that is suppose to make it  the story that it is will fall into place in the right moment, some people call it fate, some people call it coincidence, some people call it simply  reality. Still, I am here, I’m paying attention,I am waiting to write my epic tale.

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