I often get hit, violently, on the face,while playing dodge ball.

The last time it happened my ears rang.

You know that part in movies when the character’s memories of life flashes in front of them? Yeah, that’s not how it felt.. I just saw a great white sheet of well.. WHITE. Two seconds later, I had a vision of me undergoing a septoplasty and then another second after, panic… shit! My mascara.


It’s funny how life is like that sometimes. You thought you’re ahead of the game, got everything planned out and in a brief careless open-mouthed moment of being off guard an angry ball hits you in the face and the game briefly crumbles.


You thought you were good at dodging, it’s a skill you’ve learned from growing up. You’ve been there before, got hit hard in the groin so you run to the side lines and breathe then, you get back into the game a few minutes later and annihilate, like champions do.


You realise that you don’t always have to take the ball on the balls (or the groin if you don’t have balls), you realise that you can catch it, and most of all you can always dodge it. So you go through life dodging bad balls like wrong job offers, wrong friends, wrong political argument on a wrong day or wrong guys at bars when you’ve had the wrong choice of drinks.


Still, there are those blazing, appearing out of nowhere balls that hit you in the friggin’ face. Those balls would come for you and you’ll never be prepared for them. Bad balls like an injury when your about to play championships. Nasty balls like your ex admitting he’s been cheating on you when you were expecting an engagement ring. If you’re lucky, you don’t break your nose, you become a little braver. If you’re foolish like me, you care more about your mascara, than internal haemorrhage. You care more about what people will think about you, because its normal, it human, and its okay.What is not okay is to bleed inside, to let things slowly drain you of life from within, to let it stop you from attacking life again.

Don’t get me wrong my team is pretty awesome and guys often come up to me to apologise worried they broke the little asian girl to which I often make a comment about them smudging my eyeliner.

Someone suggested I should wear one of those American flag football helmets, but that isn’t the point of the game, the excitement comes from conquering the ball or taking it completely just like how life is.If there’s one thing I’ve learned from dodge ball, its that you can care so much about how good you look (it might distract your opponent) but what actually matters is how good you dodge or catch and more importantly, it is how good you are at taking hits and coming back into the game like you are unbreakable and yes, always, always smear-proof mascara is a must. Just my way of saying resilience is the substance which makes up champions.

Yeah well,good luck to my face next week.

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