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              1.“Are you still single?” and  “How are you?” are not the same questions, so be careful how you greet me at parties. “Yes, I’m fine, I’ve moved, been promoted, finished a marathon, boxed for charity, recovered from a fracture since you last saw me, but yes, I am […]

An Adhd life

As far as I can remember, I was about six when I first asked my mother for the switch.It was in the middle of summer and we were in bed and she was waiting for me to fall asleep. She turned the lights off and told me to close my eyes.I kept making funny noises, […]

Be a Goddess when you need to hide your fighter

Wash your face and  take off the traces of yesterday Remember to erase the mascara tears Comb your hair so they couldn’t really tell What runs in the locks inside your brain Put the red one so your lips become the magnet of years and years of promise Hide the frown so they couldn’t tell you’re […]

My Shot at MANnyhood—My London Boxing Experience

I grew up in the Philippines,growing up there was challenging, you see, my culture was in love with two things: beauty pageants and.. boxing.And at an early age, I knew that if I wanted  people to celebrate me, I either have to be spectacularly beautiful or brutal and unafraid to bleed.For me to be spectacularly […]

04:11:39 A nurse’s diary of the Paris marathon

04:11:39: I have learned, is enough time to morph into a different person. 04:11:39… 4 hours 11 minutes and 39 seconds, that was the amount of time I spent running a marathon in the most beautiful city in the world and if my calculations are right, that’s also  roughly the amount of time I have […]


I got out of the car in slow motion, I was asleep  for more than half of the two hour trip to Rila monastery from Sofia.I was dehydrated, but it felt like I was home somehow. I get those few adults moments, mostly when I go running,when I would  feel some sort of nostalgia which […]

A summer that never commits

There  I was ,sipping Belgian beer  squinting under the “summer” sun in London.  “Don’t like the sun?” He asked. “I’d rather have winter, than a summer that  pretends to be there but never commits.” He stared at me like I was mad, they all do. I knew I sounded like I was already drunk, but […]


      DEAR PRINCE CHARMING,     Where the hell are you?   I am about to give up, cut my hair and run to get out of the forest.   I’ve met and escaped so many wolves some of them I have slain with my bare hands but   none of them I have […]